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Gluten Free Spicy Avocado Wrap

GF Spicy Avocado Wrap

This is a fast and easy meal that I LOVE to make when I have some kind of left over chicken! If that’s done this literally takes under 10 minutes. If not it’s still very worth it! So here’s what you’ll need

Chicken(I don’t season it)
1/4 Avocado
Cheese (cheddar&mozzarella are used here but you’re favorite will do!)
Wrap (these gluten free ones from Aldi are great!)

It’s very simple, I bet you can tell how to make it from the pictures but here it goes!
-Smash up the avocado, shred the cheese and the chicken and add them all to the wrap! You can also add the salsa here or dip it in after. All of the amount of ingredients are pretty much up to personal preference here, I use a lot of chicken and cheese because they’re my favorites!
-So I usually put the warp on foil so then when I fold it all up the foil doesn’t let it fall apart while its cooking.. after it’s cooked it won’t fall apart!
-After it’s all wrapped up in it’s foil you’ll put it on the Forman grill for 3-5 minutes. It’s that fast! If you cook it in the over it may take a little longer, you’ll have to check on it a few times!

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8 Minutes to Stellar Summer Arms!

It’s tank top season! This workout will get you those lean toned arms that you can show off all summer long. Best part? It’s only 8 minutes! Pick a set of dumbbells between 3 and 8 pounds. Make sure they’re not too heavy because we’re going non stop once we start! But you still want them to be heavy enough to feel the burn! So pick a weight that will help you get the most out of this workout and let’s go!


Are You Forgetting This Important Step Pre Workout?

Warming up pre workout is SO important! But most people just skip it. Making sure to warmup provides a transition for your body from rest mode to sweat mode. Most importantly it warms up your muscles preventing your from injury! It doesn’t take much time just a quick 5 minute dynamic warmup like the one here will allow you to get a lot more out of those first few sets because your body will already be warm and ready before you start!Take full advantage of the work you put in during your workout by warming up first.

dynamic warm.mp40302

The Champion of all Chicken Dinners and only 5 ingredients

Alright guys tonight I am sharing my dinner with you! I love it, it’s actually probably sad how much I love it but as a person who tends to eat a lot of chicken( I try so hard to keep my meals healthy..It works sometimes) this one is definitely my favorite.
So there are only 5 ingredients.. the chicken just isn’t pictured:)

What you’ll need
Parmesan cheese
Italian style bread crumbs(super cheap at Aldi if you live near one)
cooking cherry( optional but I think it makes it so much better)

What to do
I made quite a few of these so I could eat them for the next few days(again, I love them) so you’ll use less ingredients if you aren’t making a pan full but it’s mostly estimating anyways.
-Melt your butter(I used 1/3 stick) in a bowl
-Mix your parmesan cheese and Italian crumbs in another bowl(estimate enough to cover the chicken but if there’s a little extra it can be poured on top) 1 part italian crumbs to 1 part parmesan cheese(I used 1/2 cupp each)
-You’ll dip the thawed chicken in the butter and roll it in the mixture
-Cook this for about 15 mins on 350 degrees before taking them out and drizzling a mixture of a small amount of melted butter(1/4 stick) and cooking cherry(a little more than the liquified butter) on the chicken and cooking for 5 more mins. The result is a lightly breaded and amazing chicken breast!